Does 0.9.2 support VS 2019?

I’m getting an error on this line:

namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem;


In 0.9.2, you’d need to install the v140 toolset to build cinder without any project mods, or upgrade the cinder.vcxproj to v142 toolset. Alternatively, you can use the github master branch, which fully switched to v142 and c++17 (see std::filesystem alias here).


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My intention is to use the v142 toolset, as I wanna try using C++20 modules in my app.

Also I’m avoiding the Cinder master branch for now, as it’s probably still in a very unfinished state.

You mention “upgrading the cinder.vcxproj to v142 toolset”. If I do that, will the Cinder C++ code need a lot of massaging to compile, or would it be reasonably easy?

Ah sorry, I just found that my thread is a duplicate of:

… and I found that the following change is enough for compiling successfully:

//#include <filesystem>

#include <experimental/filesystem>
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