Forcing periodic drawing/rendering in Debug Mode

Dear Embers,

I’m having a minor issue using Cinder in Debug mode. I’m using the awesome AntTweakBar to fiddle with some simple parameters, as well as a ci::CameraPersp and ci::CameraUi to view a simple scene.

The problem is that in debug mode, if I drag the mouse across the window, those events completely eat all of the free resources Cinder gets to distribute. I.e. the framerate will drop to 0 and I won’t see a change to the scene until I stop dragging the mouse.

This isn’t ideal. I know I can simply compile the program in Release mode, but I figure there ought to be a simple way to at least enforce Cinder to trigger at least a frame or two every once in a while in Debug mode, despite being overwhelmed with MouseEvents.

Open to any ideas…?

Thanks in advance,

I know this isn’t the answer you were after, but once imgui came along, I personally put AntTweakbar in the bin and never looked back, in no small part due to issues like this. Super fast to drop in and get going, too.

Appreciate the answer @lithium, I’ll make sure to look into imgui.

However, after disabling AntTweakBar entirely I found the issue remains. I.e. any mouse drag/move still seems to prevent any of Cinder’s draw calls. So I’m inclined to believe this issue isn’t directly tied to the AntTweakBar.


I think this may be something specific to your setup @Gazoo, I’ve not yet run into any problems with mouse drag preventing draw calls in Debug or any other mode. Can you try to repro using ParamsBasic, or the Cinder-ImGui sample?

Perhaps somehow your draw() signal / virtual call is getting blocked by some other UI element in your setup. Maybe check if other things continue to fire like update() or the main virtual draw() method, or see if you can disable other things that have signals tied into the app.