Getting started with android_linux branch. BasicApp does not build on OSX 10.12

I’ve followed the Android guide and am trying to build the basic app, which fails.

Android Studio 2.2
NDK was installed using Android Studio’s Default Project Settings (as suggested in the guide above)

In Android Studio I have installed the following platforms:

Java 1.8

Cinder for Android was built using ./fullbuild-armeabi-v7a successfully after adding

  • export NDK_ROOT="/Users/eight/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle"

in the bash_profile.

Yes, I am building without the device, but I think the device will enter the workflow after the project is built.

Are there any other steps I am missing?


OK, After some massaging I can now build the project.

  1. Checkout latest from git
  2. Downloaded ndk and put it next to cinder folder
  3. Removed custom ndk location from env variable
  4. (Most important). Opened BasicApp folder under the samples/BasicApp/android/