GStreamer video hangs if no audio device present


We are playing a video on Mini PC without speakers in Linux. We encountered a strange issue that the video player hangs, but if we connect a headphone to the audio output the video starts playing. It seems like a gstreamer/linux audio issue and not a Cinder one, though.
Has anyone encountered something like this before? Do you have any suggestions to fix this?


Hey Gabor,

I vaguely remember something similar happening on a setup I had years ago although I dont remember the particular details of said setup anymore - If I m not mistaken, somehow the default audio output, systemwide, was being set to be the GPU because of the HDMI connection present so I remember changing the default audio output through pavucontrol in order to overcome this issue.

Maybe you can check what available audio outputs you get through pavucontrol and what is currently being set and try to change that to see if it helps.


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Thanks Petros. Your suggestion worked.