Hiring: Software Developer in Computer Graphics / Creative Coding

Hi folks!

Here at Studio Daniel Canogar, located in Madrid and Los Angeles, we are looking for a new team member: a software developer in computer graphics / creative coding. They should have at least mid-level technical skills, available for travel and proficient in English.

We would wish to start with part-time/freelance position and later move to full-time. Send me a private message if interested. Thanks!

More info below:

Responsibilities & Availability
Develop clean and efficient tools
Develop animations and creative shaders
Evaluate and expand upon existing tools, frameworks, etc., used in the studio
Write high level user documentation

Availability to do physical work (help with installing artworks)
Availability to travel outside Spain
Open for part or full time

Requirements & Skills
Strong knowledge in C++
Experience with HLSL/GLSL
Experience with creative frameworks and/or game engines, such as openFrameworks, Cinder and/or Unreal Engine
Strong knowledge in openGL
Strong math skills with an emphasis in 3D and linear algebra
Experience working with, and manipulating, images and video
Fluent in Spanish and English

As a plus, something like
Knowledge in Python/JavaScript
Knowledge in Vulkan/Dx12
Experience delivering long term, 24/7 running, software
Experience with audio and/or 3D assets
Experience with hardware (mainly input, like sensors, cameras, etc)
Experience with prototyping (like 3d printing, CNC, etc.)
Experience with Adobe Suite
What you think you can bring to the studio

Some of our latest works