How to build using the lib from source using cmake under windows for VS2019?

Hello to all, I am new here.
I have not used cmake before but I have task that I have to build the cinder from source using cmake.
I am using windows and visual studio 2019.
I have never used cmake before, so I am not even sure if it’s possible.
I followed

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make -j4

at the step make -j4 i get the make: *** No target specified and no makefile found. Stop.
Is there some guidline how to build cinder under windows?

I think the default cmake generator on windows is MSVC (as opposed to Makefile) so when you run cmake it’s not generating a Makefile, but a visual studio solution. Have a look in the build folder for cinder.sln, which you can open up and build from inside VS.

You can also build from the command line without opening Visual Studio if you prefer that:

cmake --build . --config Debug

I tired but I get,
Error: could not load cache

I was able to build the proj/vc2019/cinder.sln
but I have to use docker version of imgui in the project, so I have replaced all files manually but they seem incompatible.
maybe the instructuions were old.

The resources they say I have to use.

This step does not produce valid project :

Download or check out this repository into your Cinder/blocks directory, then use Tinderbox to create a new project using ImGui.

/cinder/Cinder newest