How to get console() in Linux / ARM?

I’m writing a cinder app for Ubuntu 16.04 on ARM; everything seems to be compiling and working okay, but I found a part of my code I want to debug. I added a bunch of std::cout statements like I usually do… and they don’t show up! I’m running my application from the terminal. I tried printf, std::cout, and app::console(), and nothing shows up, so this seems to be an issue with Cinder being able to detect the standard output that I intend to use.

I even tried using setConsoleWindowEnabled like I do Windows applications, but no dice.

Has anyone gotten this to work?


I don’t remember having any issues like this last time I tried Raspbian with an Raspberry PI, although it was some time ago.
Maybe try the Cinder logger, CI_LOG_I. Did you put a newline after the printed message? Maybe the text output needs to be flushed.


Hmm. CI_LOG_I seems to work, but still not luck with the regular outputs.

I put in a new line, and flushed the iostream.

This is on Ubuntu 16.04 for the NVIDIA Jetson, so it’s possible there’s something a bit odd about the particular build here.