Cinder Program - Debug Error!

I 'm trying to build a simple cinder program, but still program shows Debug Error. However the same issue persists with the sample programs within the package.
Moreover, the release build simply crashes. :frowning:
I am using Windows 7 sp1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013(with update 5) , Cinder 0.9.1.
(BTW I already installed latest graphics drivers - If incase it could be a rendering problem).

Thanks in advance.

Hi Victor.

When this happens look in the console output for the error message. It is possibly a problem in a shader compilation so look for the words VERTEX and FRAGMENT in the console output, this should tell you what the problem is.

Firstly, thanks for the response.
Well, I compiled a sample project BasicApp - program builds successfully with Debug config.Meanwhile I tried all sample projects on Windows 10 x64, MS Studio 2013, AMD Raedeon HD 5000.
The problem still remains - even the simplest programs fails to run while some of them builds & runs well.

Build Screenshot

Attachments:: Screencast (15s - apologys if it isn’t allowed in the forum.)
Screencast - Program running failed

Hi Victor,

  1. Could you enable the console output for your program?

CINDER_APP( BasicApp, RendererGl, []( App::Settings* settings ) {
} )

  1. You could click on Local Windows Debugger in your screenshot above to debug the app from within Visual Studio. Share the callstack information at the bottom of the window. You might have to press the Retry button in the popup dialog to do this.

Hi Victor,

did you install the latest GPU drivers? Chances are the application crashes due to a missing OpenGL driver. It can not create the OpenGL context and will abort like that. Click the link to download the latest drivers for NVIDIA, AMD or Intel.