How to integrate gstreamer 1.0 in Cinder through VS 2013?

Hi, I am trying to integrate gstreamer 1.0 in Cinder through VS 2013 on Windows 7 OS. However I am getting compile time errors.

I have downloaded cinder block _2RealGStreamerWrapper and added to my example.

I have installed gstreamer 1.0 in my system but noticed that none of the Environment Variable is set as part of gstreamer installation. Do I need to set any Environmental Variable ?
I have downloaded samples from Git but those are giving compilation errors. None of them are working.

I have also tried to change the Project properties as per link

Please check the errors that I am getting in attached screenshot.

Also tried using GstGLVideoPlayer.h and GstGLVideoPlayer.cpp into a separate project but in vain.

Can anyone please help me in resolving the errors ?

Thanks in advance !
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several people have already been integrating gstreamer into their applications, so you might want to have a look at their implementations before rolling your own.

There’s also a 3-year old Cinder block that might be a helpful: