Gstreamer block

Tried playing video with QuickTime player. The performance is not good. Can anyone provide Gstreamer block for cinder to play videos?

You might want to try @brucelane 's block. Not sure if it still works. By the way, you can find a plethora of blocks here.


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More infos describing “The performance is not good” are always helpful to move forward and make things better. What are you trying to do exactly, what kind of files you are using, what problems exactly you are facing, what kind of system configuration you have and so on.

In any case ( supposing you are on OS X ), recently I added initial support for GStreamer on there as part of the Linux work which has been merged in to the master branch. See this PR for some more infos. It requires configuring and building Cinder with CMake and the -DCINDER_MAC_USE_GSTREAMER=1 flag set.


I will try to update my block which is from initially.
But it seems @petros is working on it too in the main Cinder repo, shall I carry on?

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It seems that the block relies on GStreamer 0.10 which is super old and totally deprecated so it would take some juggling to refactor it which I m not sure if it worths the effort to be honest.

shall I just wait then?

Just want to add that if any Windows users in the community want to get involved in improving the video situation in cinder, we’d love to try to get the gstreamer MovieGl player that @petros has been working on for linux and OS X working as an entirely cross-platform video solution - getting it working on Windows is the next big step.



I would like to update the gstreamer cinder block, before I start is there something I should know?

I am hoping to test this on windows soon but looks like cinder now supports gstreamer for video natively on windows and linux: GStreamer optional video playback support on Windows

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so it works with vs2017, it deserves it’s own project in the samples!