Incorrect secondary monitor bounds

I am debugging the params window is not drawn when main window is dragged to the second monitor.

The following output is from a display change callback:
The bounds on the other display are ok (-323, -1080)-(1597, 0) -> 1920 by 1080.
I can work this out in draw(). Am I missing something simpler ?

|verbose| virtual void VisibleApp::setup()[219] display name: ‘Color LCD’, bounds: (0, 0)-(1440, 900)
|verbose| virtual void VisibleApp::setup()[219] display name: ‘SONY TV *02’, bounds: (-323, -1080)-(1597, 0)
window pos: [ 0, 45]window display changed: (-323, -1080)-(1597, 0)ContentScale = 1
getWindowCenter() = [ 424.000, 282.000]
window display changed: (-323, -1080)-**(1597, 0)**ContentScale = 1

I’ve got to admit @Arman, I’m having trouble understanding what exactly you’re trying to achieve and what’s going wrong…

I’m not sure what the ‘params window’ is? The parameters of a/the window perhaps?

If so, I don’t follow when/how they’re not drawn when the window is dragged on to a separate monitor?

Sorry… :E

You are correct. My explanation was not clear. params is just the typical instance of params::InterfaceGl class that is used in many cinder applications. In the app ( macOs 10.2 / cinder 0.91 ). Just build the paramsBasic sample code. I have a laptop ( with Retina display ) that is attached to a Sony display (use with AirPlay or direct HDMI). It shows as expected on on Retina. The log output and the how the window is rendered do correspond as you can see. Clearly I have to do use the displayChange callback to change the geometry to make it look the same, albeit with change in resolution and so on.

The bounds on the other display are ok (-323, -1080)-(1597, 0) -> 1920 by 1080.