InterfaceGl is misplaced on MacOS Big Sur (Cinder 0.9.2)

In all the examples using InterfaceGl the params view looks like this on my Mac. In order to access it with a mouse, the mouse pointer must be somewhere upside off the view. Has anybody solved this?

Retina strikes again. For a quick fix if you’re just playing around you can explicitly disable high DPI in your init you pass to the app macro or alternatively there’s an entry in the plist you can add to disable it.

Otherwise you get to figure out whether it’s in the cinder source or the ant tweakbar source where someone is accidentally using pixels vs points (or vice-versa, I can never remember) when stating a window/viewport size or mouse coordinate. Fun!

I’d personally recommend just using imgui and calling it a day.

@lithium Thanks!

A quick


in info.plist fixes the Params issue, and the quality of the main image does not seem to suffer much.


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