Install Cinder in /usr/local

I would like to know if you can install cinder /usr/local/
so you can include it in projects with <cinder/xxx.h>


Currently there is no make install target in Cinder’s CMake configuration although it should be quite straightforward to implement.

Is the arrow-brackets syntax what you are specifically interested? Although this is intended for system wide installed libraries AFAIK is mostly a hint, so you can still include <cinder/app/App.h> and the header should be picked although not installed system wide.

Not sure though if you have something else in mind…


Unfortunately I’m not very good with CMake configuration file.

However the arrow-brackets syntax is what I’m looking forward.

I’try to move the ./Cinder/include/cinder directory into /usr/local/include
and the ./Cinder/lib/macosx/Release/libcinder.a into /usr/local/lib

but I still have problems like:
the file platform.h of cinder try to include a file at line 118:

#include “glload/gl_core.h”

this files are in ./Cinder/include/

so I should copy also them.

However I do not want to copy all the files by trial and error.
So I will wait to a make install target in Cinder’s CMake in the future.