Is it possible to texture environment parameters?

In OpenGL it is possible to set the texture environment parameters in order specify how texture values are interpreted when a fragment is textured. Is this possible using Cinder?

Specifically, I would like to set the GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODE to GL_REPLACE instead of the default GL_MODULATE. With straight OpenGL you could set this using glTexEnv(), but I am at loss on how to do this in Cinder, if it is even possible.

I am relatively new to using Cinder, so I could very well be missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.


I believe texture environment parameters is something actually belong to the dark, fixed pipeline age.
From cinder 0.9.0 there is no support for legacy openGL versions, you will probably need to use shader instead in modern openGL.

But, if you actually want to use legacy versions of Cinder(prev 0.8.6) you can always use tex->getId() and tex->getTarget() to get native openGL handles and directly do OpenGL calls.