Kinect and MacOS

Hello and good day.
I am having some problems with Kinect block setup.
I have tried some ways to adapt my code to the build but it doesn’t seem to work.
Now I created a new project with TinderBox and copied some of the code from the samples that come with the Kinect bundle from github but it keeps saying "Unknown type name Vec2i’ from CinderFreenect.h and even when I use the template Kinect:Basic GL on tinderbox it doesn’t build with the same error.
Any tips on this? I am able to run it on openFrameworks tho
Thanks in advance
Best, Luis

With a Kinect, I found that it’s actually pretty easy to just use the Kinect SDK. Follow its documentation to add the library and headers to your project and then you can simply call the SDK functions.

Or do what I recommended in your other post and use NuiTrack.