loadURL returns corrupt or incomplete image

I suspect I’m overlooking something simple, but when I use loadURL to create a Surface, I consistently get back an incomplete / corrupt image. I should note that this same behavior also occurs in the flickrTest sample project (cinder 0.9.0, Win10, VS2013).

relevant code:

gl::TextureRef tex;

void cameraTest1App::setup()
	Surface feed1(1920,1072,false);
	ImageSource::Options options;
	feed1 = loadImage(loadUrl(""), options, "jpg");
	tex = gl::Texture::create(feed1);


what am I missing?


I’m having a similar problem. Did you manage to find a solution? :slight_smile:


No, Unfortunately I didn’t. I did find a work-around for my particular use-case (network camera feed) - if you’re working with network cameras, let me know and I can outline what i did to get it working.


Thanks for your reply Brandon!

I get the exact same result as you (up to the pink color :slight_smile: ) I did manage to get the FlickrImageViewer sample for cinder 0.9.1 working though (but sadly an identical piece of code doesn’t work in my app).

Anyway, for network cameras we are using OpenCV block.