Maximize Window (NOT FULLSCREEN) in Cinder for Windows

Hey, I am currently wokring on my project for cinder and i would like to start it maximized and not floating. is there a way i can accomplish this? I know there is the SetFullScreen mode but i want to be windowed so i can make it smaller if i want to

Windows specific:

#include <windows.h>

ShowWindow ( (HWND)getWindow ( )->getNative ( ), SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED );

Generic cross platform solution:

auto bounds = Display::getMainDisplay ( )->getBounds ( );
getWindow ( )->setSize ( bounds.getSize() );
getWindow ( )->setPos ( ivec2 ( bounds.getCenter ( ) ) - bounds.getSize ( ) / 2 );

You might need to adjust bounds a bit to take into account the taskbar etc