OpenGL Shader Debugging

Is there currently a way to log errors from OpenGL shaders? From my project thus far, if there is an error made from ogl shaders, the app just closes without actually outputting where the error was from. Right now it’s fine with small changes but it’d be very helpful to have error message functionalities from shaders in the future as the project increases in scale.

Are you talking about errors during compilation, i.e. when they’re loaded, or during run-time?

If it’s the former, yeah, there should be lots of ways and I’d reckon a solid google should get you there, if it’s the latter, probably less so.

Given that you’re saying the app just closes, have you tried perhaps setting a breakpoint right after the shader is loaded? Alternatively, run the executable from the command-line and it may spit something out there. If you just double-click the exe, it will typically only show the console so briefly, that you’re unlikely to read anything that was printed.