OSC multicast: find the destination IP addresses on the sender

Is there something in the new OSC block that would allow me to get the ip addresses of the receivers during multicast (setting the destination to

I need to send different values distributed randomly between all the receivers and would like to avoid having the receivers send their IP’s back to the server, if possible.


I’m not positive but I don’t think there’d be any way to derive a receiver’s address without having the receiver send it’s address to the sender or send a message to the sender. The only other way I could imagine is if you knew them before hand and fed them to the sender at runtime in some form of config.

Edit: Also, FYI, the OSC block supports multicasting to the extent that asio supports multicast. In other words, it doesn’t impede it. Take a look at the BroadcastSender sample as broadcast and multicast have similar setups.

Thanks. I was expecting some low-level magic to be available. I guess I will have to set up some sort of handshaking on startup, whereby the receivers would inform the sender of their IPs.