Get OSC message sender remote port: deprecated?

Hi there, I’ve been using the old (0.9.0) OSC Cinder block, but would like to switch to the new (ASIO-based) block included with Cinder 0.9.1. However, I was relying on the capability to get the origin address and port for a received OSC (UDP) message, using msg->getRemoteIp() and msg->getRemotePort(). But it seems the port-accessing functionality has been removed – I see there is a msg->getSenderIpAddress(), but nothing to get the remote port.

Previously I was getting the remote IP endpoint (address+port) of the first client to send my application a message, and then creating a new Sender to communicate with that endpoint. Now, I’m not sure if/how I can do that. Maybe I’ll have to switch to TCP?

Any thoughts?


Regarding this: I’ve opened an issue on GitHub and also provided a Pull Request that adds the missing functionality to get the sender’s port.

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