Possible to have armv7s support added to cinder?

Possible to have armv7s support added to cinder libraries? Although this has been dropped by xcode by default, there are still alot of people using armv7s phones/ipads and i would like to support these. Seem the big issue for me is how you generate your boost libs that come with cinder.

Are you using the latest master branch?
If I understand correctly, Cinder no longer uses boost (except for asio, but I think that’s baked in)

I’ve built and run cinder on a ARM chromebook using cmake - so ARM itself shouldn’t be a problem I don’t think

Yes, latest master branch.

Pretty sure chromebook does not use armv7s.

Alot of developing nations still use A6 and A5 phones. It would be good to be able to have them run my apps.

I can build the cinder libs with armv7s by editing the project files for the iphone scheme. The problem is the boost libs filesystem and system which seem to be needed as they come with cinder.

I guess my question is about building boost for armv7s, but also knowing how cinder developers have built those boost libs so i can follow the steps and add armv7s.

My development hardware is the original ipad mini, which is armv7 and should be fine as that is one of the standard architectures in cinder but I get an error when building the TextureFont sample for ios saying armv7s is missing, when i rebuild cinder libs including armv7s i then get an error about the boost libs not having armv7s

It actually does have an armv7

Asus C201

I remember having this problem as well… but Cinder shouldn’t use boost-filesystem anymore
I can’t find the issue on github that explained it anymore… but you should dig around. @rich.e explained it somewhere…
sorry I’m not more helpful :S

I stand corrected! I always thought the armv7s was a specialisation only found on Apple devices.

I actually have built the correct boost libs using the script here… https://github.com/faithfracture/Apple-Boost-BuildScript/blob/master/boost.sh

I am now looking into how to combine them into one universal binary using lipo or some other tool.

After looking into this i dont think the really issue i am having is to do with armv7s.

armv7s has been removed by both apple and cinder (https://forum.libcinder.org/topic/glnext-removing-armv7s) so it has to be something else.

I think some of the cinder samples still have armv7s listed in Architectures.