Pressing alt + any key plays a windows 'error' noise

Whenever I press alt along with any other key the ‘system’ (System sounds in the sound mixer) plays the windows error noise. I haven’t done this manually, and I do have both the keyDown() and keyUp() functions defined. Does anyone know what causes this issue or how to stop it?


  • Zack

PS: i can provide my code if necessary but I haven’t done much with in either of the functions aside from tracking which keys are pressed.

Not sure what’s going on here and can’t reproduce on my end. There is a known issue that there is some sort of hidden windows menu that is getting processed in the event loop, but the behavior is different to what you’re experiencing. Maybe it is some sort of assistance setting you have in windows?


I’m not sure, I haven’t had the sound play when pressing alt in any other windows/on the desktop.

Might have something to do with this: