Raspberry PI VNC

I’m trying to setup vnc access on a Raspberry PI. It is a bit tricky because most of the vnc servers work with the X desktop, but does not show anything from the cinder application.

As I learnt this is because OpenGL ES uses dispmanx on the RPi. Fortunately there is dispmanx_vnc, which works very well, except the keyboard and mouse input.

I looked briefly into this, and I suspect the cause of this is that cinder reads the events from [/dev/input/by-id]
(https://github.com/cinder/Cinder/blob/android_linux/src/cinder/app/linux/AppImplLinuxEgl.cpp#L680), while the vnc events are in /dev/input/eventX, and /dev/input/mouseX.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Maybe @petros?


I would be interested in being able to do this as well. I know openFrameworks faced the same issue; from this thread it looks like they were able to solve the mouse and keyboard input issues. Looking at the relevant pull request it looks like you are right and they modified the core code to fallback to /dev/input/eventX etc.