Regular periodic functions whilst rendering at max


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was wondering how people go about writing a bit of logic that is executed periodically at a fixed rate, whilst also allowing the rendering to perform at max. ie Disabling vsync, and not setting an FPS limit. Does cinder offer anything along these lines, built-in or is there an easy standard way? I’m writing for Windows, so cross platform is not so important, but would like to avoid Win32 API if possible.


EDIT: Apologies, it seems I posted too early and this question was recently asked. I’m reading up on steady_timer, thanks.

It seems the steady_timer is not included with the ASIO bundled with Cinder. Sorry for the further dumb question, but is there a way to get just the steady_timer, rather than the whole of boost (this is where I’m a bit confused because I thought cinder includes boost)? Cheers

Would something like multi-threading be what you’re looking for? You can check the flickrTestMultithreaded sample to see how Cinder does it.