RFC: Static library and project relocation

I wanted to call attention to PR #1561, which makes a few changes which will impact exiting Cinder apps once it finds its way into master (by way of the android_linux branch).

This PR makes two groups of changes. First, it relocates and renames the Cinder static library itself:
• macOS library now lives at lib/macosx/$(CONFIGURATION)/libcinder.a
• iOS library now lives at lib/ios/$(CONFIGURATION)/libcinder.a & lib/ios-sim/$(CONFIGURATION)/libcinder.a
• MSW library now lives at lib/msw/$(PlatformTarget)/$(Configuration)/$(PlatformToolset)/cinder.lib
• WinRT/UWP library now lives at lib/msw-uwp/$(PlatformTarget)/$(Configuration)/$(PlatformToolset)/cinder.lib

The primary motivation for this change is to simplify build settings, so that platforms’ respective Configuration macros can be employed to differentiate between debug and release versions. This is as opposed to the _d suffix we’ve been using to date. We’re also taking the opportunity to rename WinRT to UWP, in accordance with Microsoft’s own renaming.

Additionally, this PR relocates Cinder’s project folders from vc2013, xcode, and vc2015_winrt into a new folder proj.

This PR has been up for a good while now without any objection, so I will likely merge it in the next day or two if there are none here.


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