Simulating Multitouch

Is there a way to simulate multitouch on the cinder window? The development systems for the project don’t have touch screens and deploying the builds on the touch screen systems every single time is a bit cumbersome.

I was thinking of at least handling the simple functionalities like zoom-in/zoom-out using something like ctrl+click for setting an anchor point and then simply using the mouse click and drag for simulating the pinch and enlarge functionality. Is there something inbuilt in cinder which can be used for this or will it have to be added from scratch?

If you are working on a macbook you can try the touchpad, which is multitouch capable and works in cinder out of the box.

The other option is using tuio on a multitouch mobile device with an application like tuiopad.



Unfortunately, it’s the old desktop system with keyboard/mouse at work. But tuiopad is a great suggestion. That should handle the requirement…