Tinderbox doesn't build Cinder ImGui

Hello and good evening!!

I am currently using MacOS Sierra. I can get other libs like PretzelGUI working and so on, but ImGUI is not able to be generated by tinderbox -> this is the error I get:

Unable to copy from /Users/luisarandas/cinder_0.9.1_mac/blocks/Cinder-ImGui/lib/imgui/imconfig.h to /Users/luisarandas/cinder_0.9.1_mac/myApps/test/blocks/ImGui/lib/imgui/imconfig.h(GenerateFailed)

The lib folder seems to be empty.
Thanks in advance

Make sure you checkout cinder-imgui recursively so that it pulls down the submodules (namely imgui itself) as well.

$> git clone --recursive https://github.com/simongeilfus/Cinder-ImGui

Once you’ve
but since you’ve already checked it out, you may be able to do this (my git-fu is rubbish, so not sure)

$> cd /Users/luisarandas/cinder_0.9.1_mac/blocks/Cinder-ImGui/
$> git submodule init
$> git submodule update

Once you’ve verified that the lib folder now has something in it, you should be able to generate your project with TinderBox as normal.

Thank you very much @lithium
It is able to create now, the thing is it doesn’t build even without any init. I create a new project in tinderbox and then I just open and it doesn’t run. These are the errors.

I even added #include “CinderImGui.h” and tested the sample. It appears not to run :confused:
Thanks in advance

Heh, i had considered addressing this in advance because the same thing happened to me a while ago. At some point, the author of imgui split out the widget code into a separate file, and that hasn’t been added to the cinder block definition.

All you need to do is find imgui_widgets.cpp in the imgui lib folder and add it to your project. You should probably edit the cinder-imgui cinderblock.xml to make sure this happens automatically in future as well.


Thank you very much @lithium
I edited so on further code generation it is all set!

Thank you, Luis

Awesome. Have fun :slight_smile: