Cinder Imgui on windows

Where can I get the imgui block for cinder? Will it work in windows?

Imgui is built into cinder as of v0.9.2 v0.9.3dev so an external block is unnecessary and it will work on windows.

Thank you for the clarification. BTW, I couldn’t find any imgui header under cinder namespace.


I have put the cinderImgui.h file into cinder folder. But it gives an error. Looks like it cannot find imgui.h

Sorry that’s my mistake. Imgui appears to have been merged as of the current dev release.

If you want to stick with 0.9.2, This is the defacto standard imgui block.

I have downloaded latest release which ships with imgui as you mentioned. I could compile with some imgui code. But still unable to see some imgui elements on screen. Is there any startup code which we can use?

Lots of the samples use it, but really the imgui documentation is where you need to look from here, there’s not much cinder specific stuff to know about the implementation. The header i posted above has some of the RAII convenience stuff you can use.

Thank you for your reply. Tried compiling the samples but gives linker error. I have pointed to the lib folder in vs2019 settings. Still no luck. shows the typical LNK2019 error - unresolved externals.

Did you build cinder when you checked it out from github?

Yes I have built the cinder.sln using vs2019 for x64.