Unable to build for iPad + iOS 11

Apologies if these are trivial issues - first time attempting to port a project to iOS.

I’m trying to port some old code to an iOS app, for now just for an iPad. As a starting point, I tried building the iosKeyboard and iosNativeControl samples and was unable to do either.

I’m using xCode 9.1, OSX High Sierra, new Ipad running iOS 11.0.3.

If I set my deployment target to 11.0, i get a warning that iOS 11 does not support armv7 and i get the following error:

clang: error: invalid iOS deployment version '-miphoneos-version-min=11.0', iOS 10 is the maximum deployment target for 32-bit targets [-Winvalid-ios-deployment-target]

If I lower the deployment target to something like 8.0, xCode tells me “App Installation Failed, This application does not support this device’s CPU type”.

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

AFAIK iOS 11 will only run 64 bit code. Is your Cinder library built for 64? Are there any other 3rd party libraries you’re linking to that might be 32 bit?

Thanks for the swift response @wdlindmeier, I’d already set the valid architectures to arm64 only and changed the architectures to 64bit, see below:

Still getting the errors though… My cinder is definitely built for 64bit, but I’ll dig around through the libs etc and see if I can find anything that looks suspicious.

I had the same problem, which I fixed by switching the Architectures from 32bit to Standard Architectures

Thanks for the reply! I eventually figured this out too :slight_smile: