Watchdog assets advice

This is probably mostly for @Simon but for some reason I cannot get Watchdog to watch files anymore. This might (likely) be a silly mistake but I cannot work it out so far.

im calling :

Watchdog::watch( "glsl.frag", [this](const ci::fs::path&)
    mGlsl = gl::GlslProg::create( loadAsset( "thru.vert" ), loadAsset( "glsl.frag" ));

In setup() (also tried getAssetPath("glsl.frag")) but the callback never gets triggered when I resave the file. Anyone know what’s going on / what i’m doing wrong? The shader builds fine and I can see the result from build time but it never reloads on change.

OSX, XCode, Debug build


Found it! (basic error as suspected)

When dragging the assets folder into xCode DO NOT tick “Add to targets”. I guess this copies the contents of the folder over at build time, which obviously stops any future changes.

Will leave this here in case anyone else has a similar problem.

Apologies @Simon its working great as usual :stuck_out_tongue: