Cinder (master) build fails on Windows due to std::chrono::duration in FileWatcher.cpp?


Just moved back to windows (from osx) for a project and am weirdly getting build errors in the Cinder Visual Studio solution in FileWatcher.cpp. Something to do with converting std::chrono::duration to std::chrono::nanoseconds with an += operator. I have never had a problem with this before. My Cinder repo has no uncommited changes and currently points to the head of master (9989b142f13bcfd1d19e80747ff5f7c4cdc2f545). Im using the cinder/proj/VS 2015 if that helps.

Any ideas anyone?


Reverted back to a commit before the recent “FileWatcher.cpp” class was added. That seemed to be the problem. Will make a github issue for it.


Turns out this was a compiler bug in a slightly older version of Visual Studio. Problem solved. Keep updated kids…