Cinder (master) build fails on Windows due to std::chrono::duration in FileWatcher.cpp?

Just moved back to windows (from osx) for a project and am weirdly getting build errors in the Cinder Visual Studio solution in FileWatcher.cpp. Something to do with converting std::chrono::duration to std::chrono::nanoseconds with an += operator. I have never had a problem with this before. My Cinder repo has no uncommited changes and currently points to the head of master (9989b142f13bcfd1d19e80747ff5f7c4cdc2f545). Im using the cinder/proj/VS 2015 if that helps.

Any ideas anyone?

Reverted back to a commit before the recent “FileWatcher.cpp” class was added. That seemed to be the problem. Will make a github issue for it.

Turns out this was a compiler bug in a slightly older version of Visual Studio. Problem solved. Keep updated kids…

What did you do to fix this? I’m having the same issue with the master branch and the latest VS2017 (v140 compiler).

I ended out just excluding FileWatcher.* to get it building.

i just updated visual studio at the time and the project went away. Odd that its happening for you with the latest version of 2017…