Way to collapse InterfaceGl groups?

Hi all,

Quick question: is there currently a way to have groups in InterfaceGl default to collapsed?

I found the “opened” Option in Anttweakbar, but am not seeing it implemented anywhere in InterfaceGl

Thanks in advance!!!

You can use setOptions for the properties that are not wrapped in the Cinder class.
In this case it would be something like mParams->setOptions("Group 1", "opened=false");

If you want to apply it to the whole params window just use "" as the name. For example:
mParams->setOptions("", "valueswidth=100");


Amazing, thank you @navadria!!!

Is there a list of all the available params in setOptions somewhere? I want to customize all the things now!

Check out the AntTweakBar documentation.
Var params: http://anttweakbar.sourceforge.net/doc/tools:anttweakbar:varparamsyntax
Bar params: http://anttweakbar.sourceforge.net/doc/tools:anttweakbar:twbarparamsyntax

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awesome, thanks @gabor_papp!