Wayland support ? [linux]

As of glfw version 3.1, support of Wayland is experimental.
Out of curiosity, i wanted to ask if somebody knows how much work/time it would take to implement direct support to wayland in libcinder (not using Xwayland layer) ?
Is it even possible to do it at this time ?

answering my own question…

yes, it is possible to compile libcinder/glfw with wayland support
but for some reason glfw needs to be checked out and compiled separately first (as its compilation will generate some specific files for wayland)

samples/BasicApp compiles and runs fine in weston

also glfw support for wayland still being experimental i was not too surprised to see that it seems to me very limited yet :

  • window sizing and positioning does not seem to work
  • i get many errors coming from egl context related

(glfw:error): error=65544, desc=EGL: Failed to make context current: EGL cannot access a requested resource


(glfw:error): error=65544, desc=EGL: The context must be current on the calling thread when swapping buffers

I’ll be glad to know if somebody got other results on this topic.

For those who might wonder, wayland support could be a very nice improvement for cinder on linux boxes as wayland could help to remove tearing (when playing video or moving still images) and provide transparency (compositing) with the window manager among other things.

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