Windows 7 release

Hey there

Is there any support for windows 7?

I know it’s an 8yo system, but hey, clients ( ಠ_ಠ).

any help is appreciated =)


Win 7 should be fully supported. Vista and earlier are not however.

Hi andrew
thank you for the fast reply.

I’ve managed to get a windows 7 laptop and compile cinder but I get this exception when trying to run BasicApp.

Any ideas?

probably the GL driver is too old or something like it. it also throws the same exception with the angle version


Yes, make sure to install the latest GPU driver. What is the make and model of your GPU?

Hi Paul, sorry for the delay.

I updated the drivers and the same exception show’s up. any idea?

It’s an Intel graphics card

Hello hperigo,
I looked forward to solve your issue which I was also facing - Cinder Program - Debug Error! sadly no luck so far.

There’s not enough information in the screenshot to determine what’s wrong. Have you tried adding the Cinder project to your solution and stepping through the code?


Hi Paul, I updated the drivers on both the computer and a virtual machine I installed in my mac, and both continued with the opengl 1.1 version. If i can recall correctly Cinder > 9.0 only works with opengl 3+, right?

I compiled the Render2D example and it works fine with no crashes, so it’s probably the opengl version.

Now, is there a way to make the cinder app crash more gracefully, like showing a pop-up menu written “hey, you need to update your drivers”?

I imagine it’s just the work of writing a try/catch block inside the main function with some OS call?

anyway, thanks for the help!


You can check the OpenGL version with these calls. However, they only work after creating an OpenGL context. In your case, Cinder crashes when trying to create the context, so you will have to create a context manually in the app’s constructor. But if you create a v1.1 context, the version check will return v1.1 instead of the required v3.2. In short, those version calls are useless.

The only workaround is described here. Alternatively, Cinder should be rewritten to gracefully handle an unsupported driver.

Another thing you could try is running ANGLE instead of OpenGL.