What are this images from ominidome?

Hi there

I’m working on a spherical projection and we are using a software called ominidome to do the hole mapping stuff. although the software is great for mapping, the syphon communication is slowing things down.

I know I can export the camera view for each projector as a png like this in ominidome:

The top image is the UV map of the sphere, the green channel is the projector blending.

The problem is that ominidome only exports an png, when I do remap, the image looks really pixalated.

(the globe on left is using the UVmap image. The original image is 3246 × 1416, so it should look a bit better. )

I know I can use a 32bit image to remap an image into a surface using that uvmap, so probably the pixel depth is the problem, witch made me think if the bottom image might be the solution, I just don’t know what to do with it. Does it ring a bell to anyone?

It looks like a per-face UVmap:

the shader I’m using to do the re-map is pretty simple:
#version 150

out vec4 oColor;

uniform sampler2D map; // equi
uniform sampler2D uTex1; //uv
uniform sampler2D uTex2; //uvweird

in vec2	TexCoord;
void main( void )

	vec4 t1 = texture( uTex1, TexCoord.st);
	vec4 t2 = texture( uTex2, TexCoord.st);  // dont know what to do with this one.

	vec4 t0 = texture( map, t1.gr);
	// vec4 t0 = texture(uTex0, TexCoord.st);

	oColor = t0;