Window not appearing

Firstly, congrats to Andrew and the rest of the Cinder team, the new forum looks great!

I’ve run into an interesting issue that I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on. I’m in the process of porting some code from another platform. It’s at the point where it’s no longer throwing errors, but there’s clearly still a lot of work to do before it’s usable. Anyway, as I mentioned I’ve reached a point where it compiles without errors and builds successfully, but the app window doesn’t appear. The app icon appears on my doc, and the app is definitely running as it’s using a tonne (pretty much all) of my CPU’s resources. I’m assuming that there are huge memory leaks, and this will be fixed as I begin to alter the code, but I’m wondering if/why this is responsible for the App window not displaying. Below is a screenshot of the the resource monitor in xcode:



Perhaps you could try stepping through your app’s initialization process starting from the app constructor. Sounds like there may be an infinite loop somewhere before setup(), which would prevent the app window opening.

Thanks @notlion, that was exactly the problem. There was an erroneous while loop in my main object’s constructor that was causing the problem. I blindly converted all the code to C++ without really thinking through the logic and something got lost in the translation. Good catch, and thanks again.