[Resolved] Application crash when resizing windows using mouse

Hey 'embers,

I found my personal project running on Cinder v9.2.0 crashing when resizing my windows. Not always immediately, but consistently. It occurs when grabbing any edge with the mouse and dragging the size of the window. If the window is resized using a keyboard trigger - it seems to always work fine.

My investigation has replicated the issue in a blank Cinder project, which makes me think that it’s not an issue with own application code. The callstack is just 2 kernel calls I can’t look into and the crash is an access violation. O_o

Has anyone else run into this issue?


I ran into a similar issue with the built-in ImGui on macOS.

Interesting. At least you get an assertion failure connected to a source file you can read. As I stated in the first post, I just get a short kernel call stack. :frowning:

It appears to occur in a completely blank Cinder application.

if you are working from github you might try rebuilding cinder. it can cause weird things if the cinder source and libraries are out of sync.

Platform? Sounds like windows by the terminology you’re using but just in case.

Yeah - Windows.

More characters to meet requirements.

I can reproduce this, looks like the crash happens after a call to ::SwapBuffers, and there’s some iffy RC / DC values in the debugger. Will let you know if I find anything.


Do you have an MSI motherboard by any chance? Can you see NahimicOSD.dll anywhere in your stack trace when it crashes?


Apparently this is a real dogshit audio extension and googling it or A-Volute or any related software produces pages upon pages of people having problems with it in seemingly unrelated software. On top of that it seems to border on malware in that it’s near impossible to remove. In my case i did a system wide search for NahimicOSD.dll and renamed it to something else and I am now able to resize my (non audio playing, WTF are you doing, nahimic?) window with reckless abandon. I have no idea if this will cause problems elsewhere but it does appear to address the problem at hand.

Modern software is garbage :frowning:

*edit redux
I’ve found a slightly less blunt instrument approach, it seems that Nahimic are all too aware of how terrible their software is, so it comes with a blacklist chock-full of process names it knows not to interfere with. In my case adding BasicApp.exe to the bottom of C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\A-Volute.28054DF1F58B4\Modules\ScheduledModules\Configurator\BlackApps.dat (will likely vary on your machine, assuming this is indeed the problem) made NahimicOSD.dll keep its grubby mitts off my render loop.

Nah - No MSI I think - I’m running the app on a Dell Alienware m17x r3.

Here’s what I can get when I check out parallel stacks:

Can you show me the stack frame dropdown?

Hang on… I know ‘Call stack’ and the parallel stacks, but stack frame is new… Let me see…

Or is it just the call stack?

I can see it in your screenshot, top / centre just underneath the search bar.

Ah - this guy:

Can you scroll all the way to the top of that list or is that everything? Do you see any suspicious DLLs in there? A cursory google suggests that the alienware / dell combo you’re using does use this Nahimic thing.

That’s the whole list - every single bit.

I did find an A-Volute folder, currently peeking through it

Interesting. It’s odd that it’s crashing in the exact same place as mine was but the injected DLLs don’t appear. I’d suggest doing a system-wide search for NahimicOSD.dll (or at least in C:\ProgramData) and renaming it if it appears, just to rule that out.

Yeah - found him (NahimicOSD.dll) inside C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\DellInc.AlienwareSoundCenter\Modules\ScheduledModules

I’d bet that he’s your problem. Rename him to something else and see if your crash goes away. You can also try adding your executable name to the blacklist I mentioned in my first long response. You may need to stop the Nahimic Service in services to get permission to rename it. Hopefully that’s it.

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I manually popped inside of the Task Manager and killed some related looking services. Indeed - no more resizing crash. That’s super annoying :confused:

Much obliged @lithium !

How the hell did you end up finding that issue/connection?

That particular DLL was already on my shitlist from when I was trying to figure out the crashes in the WMF video player the other week so when it showed up again next to a call to glTexSubImage2D that I didn’t issue myself, coupled with OSD usually meaning “On Screen Display” I had a pretty good idea that it was up to something with my window that it shouldn’t be. Then googling “NahimicOSD” and “resizing” brings up all manner of similar reported issues. Their facebook page is just people abusing them for crashing their favourite games.

In short, we got lucky this time :wink: