Xcopy flag in cinderblock.xml (Visual Studio)

Hello, I’ve been wondering if its possible to set extra flags for the postbuild events in cinderblocks.xml
Maybe as an attribute in the buildCopy tag?

Currently a /y flag is passed but I’d like to pass a /s to copy entire directories.

I can always set the flag manually, but it would be great if this could be setup from within the xml so that projects created with tinderbox that have such requirements work out of the box.


Not a direct answer, but i’ve always been able to find what i need TinderBox-wise by poking through the source.

To piggyback on @lithium, here is the relevant chunk of code https://github.com/cinder/TinderBox/blob/3948f58f1f682dc2a5e0c5c708678f10a9e51ae8/src/Template.cpp#L355. It doesn’t appear to support what you’re looking for, but this would be a great pull request!

Oh thanks!

I never realized the Tinderbox source code is in the repository… I am pretty sure in the past it wasn’t but I guess this changed :slight_smile: