Use custom cinder template with Tinderbox?

Is it possible to update the template App that Tinderbox uses to include custom source? For example, I always change the CINDER_APP call to:

CINDER_APP(BehaviorSimulatorApp, RendererGl, [=](cinder::app::App::Settings* settings) {

so that I have a console window available – it’d be convenient if I could somehow update the file Tinderbox uses to generate the app file so I don’t need to do it manually.

I poked around the Tinderbox source and it doesn’t seem like it’s generating the source file; it seems more likely that it’s copying and replacing the app name from somewhere… but I couldn’t find from where after a quick poke.

Does anyone have experience with this?

Hey - TinderBox uses a string-replace for this, and you can edit the master file here:

Thanks; this is perfect!