Adding cinder library to Xcode project?

Hey all -

I’m giving Cinder another shot after doing mostly openFrameworks work for the past few years. It’s taking me some some time to find some of the conventions I’m used to - one thing I think that would help me in some situations is to be able to not just look at the header’s for a given class, but to actually get into the .cpp file to see what is going on under the hood.

Is there a way to add the cinder Xcode project (CinderRoot/xcode) to my Cinder project so when I’m option-click looking at the reference for a method I can go all the way to the .cpp file? Similar to how the project file is imported/linked in OF? I assume this isn’t recommended, but I’m curious if it is a possibility - otherwise I just have to keep the Cinder xCode project open and at the same time and dig around in there, disconnected from the project I’m working on.


Hey there,

I’m not sure how OF is set up, but I all the time add the cinder.xcodeproj to a project I’m working on, especially when it is large or I’ll be working on it for a while. You can also add cinder as a target dependency if you wanted to so when you modify cinder code it detects that libcinder.a is dirty and rebuilds, although it isn’t necessary.

For an example of this in the cinder repo, you can take a look at the AudioTest.xcworkspace, which is what I use when working on audio features (and suggest others do too).


Thanks Rich!

Very helpful.

Looks like all it took was doing an add file and then add that Cinder xcodeproj file and all is good. I think openFrameworks does it slightly differently because the project is displayed a little differently in the sidebar, but the effect seems to be the same.

When trying to work this way for an iOS project, I’m finding that the rebuilt libcinder.a doesn’t get copied to the cinder/lib/ios directory. It just stays buried in XCode’s DerivedData folder.

This is the structure that I currently have, but it doesn’t work either when both projects are at the same level.


Does anyone know what are the correct build settings for this? Do I need to add a Copy files phase?