Noob question: Selecting or Installing libc++ on Xcode?

Hello everyone, I am new to Cinder and Xcode.

I am trying to run the Interactive Video Table sample from here:

When I run the project, I get the " is missing" error.

I know from another post on this forum that I need to select libc++. But my NOOB question is, where exactly do I select this? I see in some apps the Default is set as C++ Source. When I click on the dropdown list I do not see libc++ as an option. Do I have to download something separately?

Where exactly is the place where I can select this as default in the build settings?

Thanks so much for your help.

Hey ppodro.

It looks like that sample project is very old. Cinder recently went through some significant refactoring changes that make lots of these old projects no longer build out of the box.

I would recommend learning from the examples in the Cinder repo or creating a new project from the TinderBox.

Andrew wrote a useful guide to transitioning these old projects to the latest Cinder here but i would still recommend starting a new project from the TinderBox rather than modifying the older code though as you might encounter less (tedious) configuration problems.

Sorry this wasn’t a direct response to your question but I hope this helps! Good luck.