How to create a Cinder project without using Tinderbox?

I’d like to create a C++ project using Cinder without using a template generated by Tinderbox. What are the necessary steps for this? I’m using VS2019, which I know is not supported but I believe the answer would be essentially the same for VS2015.

I thought I would just have to go into the project settings and the cinder include path to my project’s include path, but this didn’t work. Then when I did create a project using Tinderbox, I checked and the project’s include path did not contain the Cinder include path.

You likely didn’t have “All configurations” selected when you were editing (or looking for the cinder path) or some other quirk of the shitty VS UI, because this is how you’d do it, along with linking against the appropriate libraries.

I still personally set up projects manually in visual studio because I despise cmake, but cinder has been moving towards cmake for project generation for quite a while now. It’s able to target more platforms as well as make updates to projects after they’re initially generated which is an admittedly great feature so I’d recommend you have a read of the Cinder + Cmake guide in the docs and see how you go. They do mention that they’re not technically supported on windows but I think that’s either modesty or out of date documentation because I’m pretty sure it works fine.