Apple deprecating OpenGL


The brains trust at apple have decided to deprecate OpenGL in favour of metal. What are the implications of this as it pertains to cinder?


Disappointing but not shocking I suppose - Apple implicitly deprecated it through neglect a while back. I imagine we have some time before we have to solve this completely. Curious what others’ thoughts are - Bill Lindmeier has already done quite a bit of work on Cinder-Metal:


In my case I tend to develop on the mac and ship on windows, so the platform agnosticism was the major benefit. As awesome as cinder-metal looks, I personally would prefer a more api agnostic renderer layer a-la bgfx so that i’m not writing platform specific code that won’t ever ship, but i appreciate this may not be a common scenario.


Currently a lot of cinder isn’t really that agnostic though. I think maybe an open-source version of MoltenGL would be good approach.

Very sad and annoying news though. I love using my mac for simple 3D graphics animations. I guess I should try out metal at some point anyway


On a side note, does anyone know how metal is for creative coding?


Cinder-bgfx sounds like a good plan to solve the gfx API hell once for all.