Audio and ImGUI problem

I have a problem like one described here:

Project works fine with Cinder 0.9.0 and Xcode 5.1.1
After that I’ve try to migrate to XCode 7.2.1 and got this error in runtime

First, thing I’ve done is rebuild Cinder. Does not help.
Then I’ve migrate to Cinder 0.9.1 and problem is gon, but I’ve got another error - something about textures. Rebuilded Cinder 0.9.1. and a problem get back
Any ideas to solve this?

Migrated to latest Cinder-ImGUI and latest ImGUI - same result (even now it has no code mentioned in first link of this topic)
Same result if add line
auto audioContext = cinder::audio::Context::master();
to setup() function of BasicApp.cpp (Cinder-ImGUI sample project)

Have you rebuilt cinder using the compiler you updated to with your xcode upgrade?

How should I know if compiler is updated?
I’ve run

Check which compiler you are using in XCode 7.2.1. You will find this in the project - target settings.

Rebuilt cinder from within Xcode 7.2.1.
Thank you lithium.snepo and SuperRockG !!!