Can't compile Cinder

I’m trying to compile Cinder, I’ve GCC v7.3.0. But I have the errors:
/…/Cinder/include/glm/detail/setup.hpp:456:100: note: #pragma message: GLM: GCC older than 4.6 has a bug presenting the use of rgba and stpq components


/…/Cinder/include/glm/detail/type_vec4_simd.inl:156:11: error: struct glm::tvec4<float, (glm::precision)5>’ has no member named ‘data’ = _mm_mul_ps(, _mm_rcp_ps(;

It seems to be an issue with glm that was fixed some time ago:

I’m not sure if glm version 9.8.4 that is included currently in Cinder has this fixed.