Can't type in the Imgui sample (Linux)

Hi, new to Cinder.

I’m tyring to familiarize myself with Cinder-ImgUI. I’ve compiled and run the sample provided in the repo, but I’ve hit a bit of silly problem

(I didn’t quite get how to use the provided CMake files, so I just linked it myself - I think it’s unrelated)

Everything seems to work except for text input. I can navigate the windows, collapse tabs and windows and delete text. I can also copy and paste anything within the app (though unfortunately the clipboard isn’t shared with the rest of the system). But I can’t type anything. No numbers or letter or symbols :frowning:

Running on Linux under Debian testing

Normally I’d try to debug this myself, but I don’t even know where to start :slight_smile:
Any suggestions? Anyone have a similar problem?


The problem is right here…

…Linux does not use 32-bit utf characters quite yet. The change is here…

Also, if you need the cmake file, i use this…


This is great
Thank you! :blush:

and good to see the block getting updated for CMake