ImGui, basic example?


I’m new to Cinder and I have manage to clone the main Cinder Git repository and build the Cinder lib for my Windows system, so I can compile and run the sample files from Visual Studio 2019. Yay! :slight_smile:

Is there any ImGui examples in the samples, I haven’t found one yet…?

It’s so nice with the pre-made project-files with all compiler settings done, so you just can start to code and try things! :sunglasses:
I’m a senior senior 3D artist, have been using Unity and know programming, but I do not know enough about Frameworks, Git, Compilers, Libs, Cmake to just ‘plug in’ ImGui in a Cinder project on my own. I was trying but got endless problems… So is there an easier way for some one like me to start with ImGui in Cinder? (I prefer to stay away from Cmake if it’s possible, for me it just adds complexity.)

Thanks in advance!
/ Svante

You can search for them like this for example:

The Tubular sample for example (Cinder/samples/Tubular at master · cinder/Cinder · GitHub) uses ImGui, but there are also many others.



That helped a lot, Dear ImGui is up and running! :sunglasses:
I also learned how to search for a specific header inclusion in a Git repository.

Thank you Gabor! :grinning: