Capital M - projection


Some while ago I experimented a bit with the genetic algorithm.
Thx to the nature of code videos and book it was very easy to implement.

I marked 9 propulsion points on the building which where used to steer the dots and lines to their ideal spot in order to form the capital M. I used genetic algorithm to find the ideal pulse sequence for the propulsion points. For each new breed I used 9000 simulations with a very low mutation rate in order to get results in between 10 or 50 generations. Took around 3 hours to find a working sequence.

The result was rendered to a video so my program was only needed to find an interesting sequence and render this to a video. You can have a look at the code on Github but don’t expect a super clean codebase :slight_smile:

Used Cinder-NanoVG for the smooth rendering.


Really nice results - this turned out great. If you’re up for it I’d encourage you to submit it to the Cinder gallery.


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Cool use of technology. I like!

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Thx for the nice words, really appreciate it!

This is really beautiful! The colors, composition, and movement… well done!

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So cool!:sunglasses:

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