Source code - tetrahedron based particles system 2 (with source code)

Hi all,

Another animation with a tetrahedron based particles system.

The video:

The source code:


Hi Dan,
I really like the dynamics of video with the music, congrats!
I tryed to compile your project, at run-time it crashes apparently on the vbomeshes creation (I’m on Windows)


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to compile it on my side, I removed unsused code directly on github, I did perhaps something wrong, I will check that. If I understand well you do not have any errors, it crashes. Can you say me when, Update or Draw method?


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in this loop, after 6 iterations if I remember well: Cinder-Samples/hoofeli04App.cpp at master · brainswitchMedia/Cinder-Samples · GitHub

Hi Bruce,

It should be fine now. I don’t know what happened but I messed up the code.

Just some information:

  • you should better create a knew project in your directory, copy the files and replace the code in the project file. This project is not in a Cinder-Samples folder on my side. I clean the codes and paste them in a separate Cinder-Samples git folder to share them ( which is a stupid idea, I should modify this… may be )

  • The program will try to read the “audio.xml” file if you press “p”. This file is in the xcode/build/Debug/ folder, so don’t forget to copy/paste it in your Debug folder after compiling.

Can you test and tell me if it is ok.