Source code - tetrahedron based particles system 2 (with source code)

Hi all,

Another animation with a tetrahedron based particles system.

The video:

The source code:


Hi Dan,
I really like the dynamics of video with the music, congrats!
I tryed to compile your project, at run-time it crashes apparently on the vbomeshes creation (I’m on Windows)


Hi Bruce,

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to compile it on my side, I removed unsused code directly on github, I did perhaps something wrong, I will check that. If I understand well you do not have any errors, it crashes. Can you say me when, Update or Draw method?


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in this loop, after 6 iterations if I remember well: Cinder-Samples/hoofeli04App.cpp at master · brainswitchMedia/Cinder-Samples · GitHub

Hi Bruce,

It should be fine now. I don’t know what happened but I messed up the code.

Just some information:

  • you should better create a knew project in your directory, copy the files and replace the code in the project file. This project is not in a Cinder-Samples folder on my side. I clean the codes and paste them in a separate Cinder-Samples git folder to share them ( which is a stupid idea, I should modify this… may be )

  • The program will try to read the “audio.xml” file if you press “p”. This file is in the xcode/build/Debug/ folder, so don’t forget to copy/paste it in your Debug folder after compiling.

Can you test and tell me if it is ok.



I created a new project, it compiles and runs after some modifications.
The audio.xml is loaded when I press the p key.
The UI is displayed, but nothing is drawn.

Nothing is drawn… you should see something. You do not need to press p, you should have something on the screen. What did you modify?

Try to press 1 or 2 or 3 those are sequences test.

You can also modify line 1029:
const gl::ScopedTextureBind scopedTextureBind0( mTexturemRender[ 4 ], 0 );

by changing the texture like this:
const gl::ScopedTextureBind scopedTextureBind0( mTexturemRender[ 0 ], 0 );

If it does not work, can you share your project on Github, I will compile it on my computer

I just added using namespace ci::app; to some .h files, changed audio.xml to load from assets.
Pressing 1 or 2 or 3 doesn’t show anything.
Repo: GitHub - brucelane/MeBrainHurts
Let’s talk via github issues?

I will have a look next week. There is certainly a shader issue somewhere. Verify if there are shader compile errors, try to replace #version 330 core with #version 400. Yes we can move on Github, you can also reach me on Instagram, I’m already following you.

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