Cinder-Asio SSL Branch

Hey there,

I’m working on a project and have been using Cinder-Asio (thanks for the work BTW, much appreciated!). I’ve been testing against a local web service that isn’t behind SSL, but turns out the production service will be. I’ve seen a few notes around the forums about the ssl branch and I’m trying to get that setup on my Mac. I know I need to add the static OpenSSL libraries, this doesn’t seem to be the issue currently.

Does anyone have experience getting this running in a Mac environment?

I’ve worked around a few errors, but I’m stuck on this one:

Type 'void(TcpServer::*)(std::__1::shared_ptr<TcpSession>, const std::__1::error_code &)' cannot be used prior to '::' because it has no members

The file is bind.hpp (a Boost header), but the issue seems to lie with TcpSession.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I updated several files in the branch to use std::bind instead of the boost::bind that was in there. This seemed to solve that issue, so I’m all set.

I’ll submit a pull request with my changes in case anyone else is in need.